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Celebrating the Arts - the new gallery space in Mayfield

This space is managed by Richard Field who runs The Arts Portfolio ( The artwork on display is for sale and 10% of all sales from the window will be donated to MAYFACS.  The artwork exhibited will be rotated each month. 

December's window display


There will be opportunities for emerging young talent from Sussex to showcase their work.  The Arts Portfolio is aimed at promoting positive mental health through showcasing 'the arts', creating support networks, providing inspiration and entertaining the local community.

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About the artists in this display


Joanna Farrow

Joanna Farrow has an insatiable drive to paint.  Joanna took a Fine Art Diploma as a mature student and has never looked back.  Her passion, enthusiasm and love of painting has been a fascinating journey to follow.   In 2017 she was shortlisted in the National Open Art Competition where one of her works ‘Five Quinces’ was selected for the NOA finalists Exhibition. Joanna is represented both by The Arts Portfolio as well as the Northcote Gallery in London.  She has a permanent, although ever changing gallery of her work at The Hurstwood (gastro pub) in High Hurstwood.   

Andrew Warner

Andrew Warner is a figurative sculptor who lives, breathes and identifies with every aspect of his work.  Andy's studio is a place to behold and harks back to classical sculpture's roots.  Andy is a true artist in every sense of the word, from his initial sketches, to working closely with life models to the creating, casting, preparation and final production of every detail of his sculptures.  Andy's skill set as a sculptor are massively impressive and his work speaks volumes about his connection with the materials he uses as well as the models he works with.  Andy has worked across the South East and regularly exhibits his work around the South East of England as well as in London. Andy's sculptures got a lot of attention when exhibited at Hendall Manor Barns in Heron's Ghyll and as part of the National Open Gardens Scheme in Mayfield in 2019.

                       Richard is an artist and                                                                                          sculptor himself, with experience of working                                                             with a wide range of mediums. Richard moved to                                                  Mayfield in August 2018 and is currently renovating a new                                         space to provide a base for The Arts Portfolio.


Prior to moving to Mayfield Richard worked as a psychologist                                          with vulnerable young people within the education system.                                              He plans to continue to support young people to have access                                            to and be inspired by the arts, as well as showcasing                                                             exceptional young talent across all the 'arts'                                                                           including visual arts, dance, performance & music.   

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