Outings 2021

When are the trips?

It will on a fixed day each month. The last Monday in the month is favoured at the moment.

How much will it cost?

We will make a small charge to use the bus to help towards diesel and hire donations. Any costs incurred on the trip will be down to individuals.

We need your ideas. Please either:

  • fill out the contact form on

     this website, click on link below:

  • pop into the MAYFACS office one Monday, Tuesday or  Wednesday to see Freya, Shirley or Clare and give them your ideas

  • jot your ideas down on the list

      in The Shopping Basket,                   Station Road, Mayfield

  • telephone or email Freya, Shirley or Clare, phone number and email addresses below

Where would you like to go?

Where are we going next?

This pdf document has the list of minibus trips & activities for: 

Sept 2021 to Jan 2022




Please click on it to find out where we're going and on which dates.



Please contact Freya Huxtable on 07389 050605 for any questions.

Book now to avoid disappointment.