Thank you's ...........

THANK YOU to our wonderful team of Volunteers, where behind the scenes an amazing amount of work goes on..... to date we've already had over 850 requests since April 2020 including 137 requests for Community Car journeys since January this year!

Whilst we can't thank every individual, we would like to give a special mention to a few different groups ......

There are a small number of Volunteers who "man the phones" and manage requests - between them they do a daily rota.


Others helping with Shopping requests, collecting & delivering prescriptions as well as our Community Transport drivers.  Volunteers helping get the Shed ready for the big Opening. Not forgetting our large leaflets drop volunteers and of course, our 7 Trustees.  As you can imagine all have been especially busy during Covid Lockdowns and the vaccination rollout. 

Thanks to everyone involved - what a wonderful Community we live in !

Thank you to MELTED INSIDE for their generous donation of artisan food and drinks products as part of our "community valentine gift away". 

We had great fun making a pop up deli in the Post Office and thank you also to everyone that donated. To date we have raised just over £1,000. There are still some goodies to be had, so please pop in to see us at the Mayfacs office. 

Many thanks to the Organisers, Stall holders and Supporters of the Pop-Up Spring Fair on 3rd June, their raffle raised nearly £300 for MAYFACS.   

As schools go back w/c 8th March, we will be stopping our "help with home schooling" programme via ZOOM at the end of this week, we hope you have enjoyed the sessions.  A special thank you to our lovely volunteers - we couldn't have done it without you! 


Kate Kong : Drama

Kelly-Anne Robson: Art

Shirley Holland: Storytime  

Theresa Dutherie-Jackson: Recorders

The construction and equipping of the MAYFACS Shed would not have been possible without the help and generosity of many people, companies & organisations. We are immensely grateful to you all – Thank you!