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We are extremely proud to have received these Awards and touched by the many messages of thanks from local residents (here are just a few ).......

"Many thanks for all your work on behalf of all the self isolating people in this area. It is really appreciated."

“I so appreciate shopping being done whilst self-isolating. Think you provided a wonderful support to many”

"Thanks for following my car requests through for me. I can relax now until hospital"

"Thank you so much for these excellent 'Mayfacs' booklets. They are just what was needed in these curiously, disorientating days of the coronavirus 'lockdown'. They are so cheerful, encouraging, informative and enjoyable. I'm sure they will also help us feel we are a unified community in these trying times."

"We think what you’re doing for the village is amazing" 

"The visit of the two young people before Christmas was a lovely surprise. We are just sad we won't recognise them when we met them in the village - face masks have their drawbacks!  We enjoyed the goodies and especially the CD.  Thank you so much.  What would Mayfield and Five Ashes have done these past 9 months without you?   Thank you for being there………."

"The zoom meetings give me something to look forward to each week. especially when it's not very nice outside and I can't go in the garden."

"Thank you to the lovely F. who delivered and cheered me up. Please send F. to us again. She cheered my soul."


"Tea & chat is so good for her. She was getting old and frail and now look at her, mingling and chatting with everyone in the room. She’s got her old spark back...."

DFDS Everyday Hero’s Award

DFDS invited the community to nominate their everyday heroes to celebrate their achievements and success. DFDS were delighted to award Ian Bruce from MAYFACS, East Sussex, their Everyday Hero prize. Ian volunteers for a charity which aims to reduce loneliness and isolation particularly in men, by building a ‘Men’s Shed’ for use in the community

Life Stories ...... Thanks for all you have done to bring us wrinklies together for such a wonderful project. Zoe has done a wonderful job and is sensitive, capable and understanding beyond her age. I will be writing to her to thank her. There is only one problem, I cant read it without bursting in to tears. She has really nailed it and I really treasure it.

I took it with me to our monthly lunch with fellow carers and without exception it brought tears to their eyes when they looked at it and read sections of it.

I felt a bit embarrassed as I was more than a bit emotional but I was not alone as I discovered. There was a air of real love and affection between all parties at the lunch and it was a joy to see and be part of at a time when I find the common courtesies and kind attitudes of life seem to pass so many people by. Many thanks, A

To contact MAYFACS about anything, click the 'contact us' link or use the contact details below.

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