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History of MAYFACS
When did it start?

MAYFACS was first formed as a charity in 2016 and actually got under way in May of that year when Shirley Holland began as the first, part time, project manager.

What was the process of forming the charity?

The small organising committee held two meetings, one with interested parties, who already organised activities for the elderly and one for everyone who was interested. The overiding message from these meetings was to go ahead. An application to form a charity was initiated and was successful and MAYFACS was formerly declared a charity in May 2016.

Who started it?

The quick answer is two trustees from Age Concern Mayfield and other interested individuals.

The longer answer and some background is Mayfield was fortunate to have a group called "Age Concern Mayfield" who for many years had been very active in the village. However, due to the popularity of care agencies and legislation which limited what services voluntary age concern groups could offer, they were left with just two people having "home helps" and the monthly lunches to organise.

The people who comprised the committee of Age Concern Mayfield were also ageing so they were forced to make a decision, fold or think outside the box and change to an organisation for the 21st century. They chose the latter.

Who helped?

The trustees were helped by the founder of a very successful church in the community project in the nearby parish of Rotherfield, "Rotherfield St. Martin". The founder Jo Evans was the principal MAYFACS advisor,  She set up RSM over 10 years ago to specifically help the older population in her parish. The trustees also sought advise from local doctors, churches and other community groups.

To contact MAYFACS about anything, click the 'contact us' link or use the contact details below.

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