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Writing for Fun

When and where?

The group meets once a month on the third Wednesday in the month from 10.00am to 12pm.

They meet at London House. Please check HOME page for forthcoming activities as some dates may vary during holiday season. 

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How much does it cost?

The cost is £3 and refreshments included


Please contact the Office for more details.

Easter Poem


Celebrating the end of winter,

it speaks of hope with sunshine and rain.

A time of opening and renewal,

the freshness of spring is here again.

Count the richness of greens;

May queens parading along the river.

Chocolate eggs, catkins and May blossom,

Easter, looking forward eagerly.

That sense in the air that the world will go on

when we are all gone.

Its essence is a sweetness indescribable.


Mayfacs Writing Group      March 2024

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