Repair Cafe at the MAYFACS Shed
in on the 4th Saturday of the month 10am - 1pm
Next one is Saturday 27th August

** The Shed is open for sessions **

1) Every Monday 9.30am - 12.30pm

2) Every Wednesday 9.30am - 12.30pm

3) monthly Saturday Repair Cafe 10 - 1pm


01435 873888 as spaces are limited 

OR pop into the Office for a leaflet.

Our Shedders are busy making wares for the upcoming Horticultural Shows
Mayfield : 16 July
Five Ashes: 30 July

Pop along and visit our Stall 


Location: Mayfacs Shed, Merrieweathers Farm, East Street, MAYFIELD, East Sussex, TN20 6RJ

This is a great time to join the "Shed Movement", the Grand Opening was just the beginning of the MAYFACS Shed's journey. It was officially opened by Roger Daltrey of The Who in July 2021.


We are running 2 groups a week and a monthly repair café. We welcome your ideas and working together with our Shed Leaders, we are looking forward to seeing it evolve.........

The activities are largely down to whatever the members want to do, but activities in other Sheds we are aware of, and that we could potentially do as well, include:

·        Woodworking: models, furniture, garden items, restoration, wood-turning, carving, etc

·        Metalworking: small scale models, repairs, fabrication

·        Small Appliance repairs: eg electrical appliances, lawn mowers, etc.

·        Restoration activities: similar to the TV Repair Shop, although probably not to such an expert level!

·        Upcycling or repurposing otherwise redundant items (these may possibly be sold locally to raise fund for the maintenance and operation of the ”Shed”).

·        Art: Painting, model making, etc

·        Crafts: Leatherwork, upholstery; stained glass; jewellery

·        3D Printing

·        Laser Engraving

·        Electronics: small projects, repairs, soldering

·        Computer/software use; WhatsApp training; use of Social Media, Zoom.

·        Recreation: cards, billiards, darts, dominoes, etc

·        Visits to, and Zoom links with, other Sheds

·        External: Gardening/vegetables/flowers; bee-keeping; petanque; hurdle making; garden furniture making/repair.

·        Drinking Tea & Coffee!


Location: Mayfacs Shed, Merrieweathers Farm, East Street, MAYFIELD, East Sussex, TN20 6RJ


Intended to help alleviate loneliness and isolation, and improve mental health, “Sheds” are safe welcoming places where Men, and Women, can meet to chat and if they wish use the facilities to make, repair, or upcycle items.


Equipped with a Workshop, and separate relaxation hub area, the MAYFACS Shed has been in development throughout the pandemic lockdown, and after considerable effort by a team of volunteers, a redundant farm building has been extensively renovated, and is now fully open.


In addition to being used by groups of Men, and Women, the Shed will host demonstrations and training in a variety of crafts and skills, with the aim of encouraging skills transfer between generations, and will effectively be run by the members themselves.


Activities planned so far as Woodwork, Wood-turning, Electrical/Electronics, Metalwork, Art and Crafts, IT skills, Repair shop, and Bee-keeping, with 3D-Printing, engraving, and others suggested by members to follow.


The establishment of the Shed has been made possible by grant funding, and generous donations of materials and finance from a wide variety of sources ranging from private individuals to multinational companies, to whom we are extremely grateful.


For further information please contact:
Lucy Jervis email:

For regular updates - please take a look at the Mayfacs SHED facebook page.

See latest PDF Newsletters at the bottom of this page !

The shed email address is or to register your interest you can contact: / / or telephone 01435 873888 and leave a message

Click on this Shed Info flyer to see how you can get involved. 

Many thanks to the numerous Donors who have made this possible.