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Tuesday: Tea & Chat or Tuesday Afternoon Club

*Tuesday Chat (chance to meet up and chat with refreshments) in Colkins Mill Church, Station Road. 2-3pm. £2 Every Tuesday except first Tuesday of the Month Tuesday Afternoon Club 2 -4pm £3 ......... MORE THE MERRIER!!


What do you do and where......

TAC as it is affectionately called by our wonderful volunteers, is a social afternoon once a month at Colkins Mill Church, Station Road, Mayfield  2 - 4pm. There is always something like either a speaker, activity, entertainment or quiz for about 45minutes and then a"proper" tea is served with sandwiches, scones and cakes.  

Tuesday Tea and Chat runs on the other Tuesdays at Colkins Mill Church, Station Road. 2 - 3pm

How much does it cost?

TAC: £3 (please bring a small raffle prize)

Tuesday tea and Chat: £2

Who can join?

Tuesday Afternoon Club is for anyone over the age of the magic age of 60 years, men and women. We do have some men who attend regularly.

Craft Afternoon


In July or August we try to arrange an outing to a local garden (weather permitting!)

Help with transport - 

If you would like to attend, but need help with transport, please get in touch with Freya, (details below or use the link to our help with transport page),

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King John's Nursery, Ticehurst 

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