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Thank you's ...........

THANK YOU to our wonderful team of Volunteers, where behind the scenes an amazing amount of work goes on..... 

Whilst we can't thank every individual, we would like to give a special mention to a few different groups ......

There are a small number of Volunteers who "man the phones" and manage requests - between them they do a daily rota. Others helping with Shopping requests, collecting & delivering prescriptions as well as our Community Transport drivers and of course our Trustees.

Thanks to everyone involved - what a wonderful Community we live in !


MAYFACS applied for funding support for Mayfacs SHED's Community Garden Project - a wonderful new project being built, offering new opportunities to connect, learn and get involved. The money received will be used to purchase the gardening tools and maintenance, planting materials, accessibility gardening aides and children's equipment to ensure that EVERYONE can use and enjoy the space.  The first bed frames have started to go down and are being filled, so this grant really allows us now to move the project forward and get gardening!!! We look forward to sharing more photos of its development soon!

Wealden Presentations-32.jpg

Mayfacs were incredibly grateful to be one of 21 fantastic local charities to receive a share of the South East Water Community Fund presented by Nus Ghani MP , which was set up to recognise the wider impact on the community after water supply issues in the area in the run up to Christmas last year. The fund is in addition to individual compensation payments to customers directly affected by the outage.

The construction and equipping of the MAYFACS Shed would not have been possible without the help and generosity of many people, companies & organisations. We are immensely grateful to you all – Thank you!

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