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Volunteering with MAYFACS

MAYFACS is fortunate to have some lovely volunteers, would you like to join us? It can be as little or as much time as you like and, if you are new to Mayfield or Five Ashes, then it's a jolly good way to meet people. Also because we have a project manager, you are not likely to find yourself being the one "in charge" and end up with the volunteering takes over your life more than you would wish.

Here are just some of the possible ways you could help and no, you don't need a limousine or vintage car to help out - just  a little bit of time, good humour and a desire to be part of the community in which you live. Go on, get in touch with us if you can spare some time or you've got a good idea. We are always open to new ideas.

Full contact details below or click here. 

Take and collect someone from an activity?

Become a Community Car driver

Help with admin

Help with Five Ashes tea & chat?

Be a computer buddy

Bake a cake once a month?

Become a driver of the community minibus?

Would you like to help in another way?  Then we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us.   Details of how below.

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