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Useful information and links to a range of Dementia Support Services

Crowborough Cafe.png

Community Café Crowborough :

A dementia friendly group for people to come
together to enjoy an activity and refreshments.

Last Thursday of the month. 2-4pm

Mayfacs chaperoned minibus transport available from Mayfield (please contact Mayfacs office to book your place). 

Wealden_Dementia_Action logo.jpg

The Wealden Dementia Action Alliance (WDAA):
WDAA provide invaluable local support information and advice as well as listing local dementia support groups and activities to attend.

WDAA Charter Sticker 2021-23.png

DISC Dementia Support run support groups and provide support online, including training courses.

Care Choices UK.jpg

East Sussex and Brighton & Hove Care and Support Services Directory, have recently published their latest directory. Please see attached link for the online e-book version.

If you would like a hard copy directory, please pop into the Mayfacs office to collect one. 

Sussex Support Service.jpg

Sussex Support Service based in Uckfield.

Including Care for Carers support

Care and Carers support:


Whilst carers support is never the priority for many families as caring for loved ones is part of our role, it is really important to establish a network of support not only for extended family but also for immediate family – these support networks can act as sources of information, connections and support.  


Dementia Specific Support via NHS

Similar to above but via NHS nationally. A key part of this link is the links to dementia support charities who are really important to connect with.  Carers support links and connections are also important to not feel on your own as a carer.  There is also a link on here for a needs assessment from social services.


Charities such as the below also provide a wealth of advice and knowledge on the stages and support for living with dementia, as well as crucial support lines that you can contact for advice and questions – they really are worth exploring and speaking to.  There will likely be local groups as well that you can be connected to that will hold social cafes for example, and support groups: or for local support


Living with Dementia


Most of the above sites will have sections on this, but a really useful thing is getting the daily living set up to help.  These can just be little tweaks that can make life a lot easier to manage.


Mayfacs would also strongly recommend seeking some ‘training’ to understand what its like to live with dementia.  For example having experienced some virtual training and courses around this, spending some time understanding how those feel when living with dementia can really help you to understand the impact. dementia friends offer free sessions often locally, and these can be really eye opening.

We've also created a section about Financial Support, please look at "Services & Help" drop down list at the top of this website page. 

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