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This year, MAYFACS is launching a Christmas Fundraising Appeal to support all our services in Mayfield and Five Ashes as we move into 2023.  We are all experiencing the impact of the “cost of living crisis”, with rising costs impacting us.  As we see an increase in hall hire prices, costs of running our regular activities and providing food and refreshments are also increasing.  We do not want to pass these increases onto our beneficiaries who rely on our groups and activities every week and it is more important than ever that we remain part of our community and remain affordable and accessible to EVERYONE who needs us. 


Our weekly tea and chat activities, baby and toddler group, film clubs and afternoon clubs provide vital social interaction, reduce isolation and loneliness, and build friendships.  Our support to deliver prescriptions, the community car scheme which gets people to their vital appointments, our shopping and befriending volunteers who provide personal support to individuals who need it – all these services support our residents every day.


This winter we are working to provide a collection of WARM SPACES in and around Mayfield and Five Ashes – a FREE place for people to come, keep warm, stay connected, save on their own costs at home, and be together.  With the support of our wonderful businesses within our community, these warm spaces will offer teas and coffees, and a warm bowl of soup to those who want to use the space and a place to be warm.  We will be providing the financial support to those businesses to make this happen as well as providing support and access to advise on reducing costs of energy demands in our homes.

On top of this, we continue to support over 150 Ukrainian guests within our communities through the Ukraine Support Hub. We are also there to support the host families too, and we will continue to do so for as long as we are needed, welcoming our guests, providing signposting, support, for a sense of community and connection.


Despite receiving a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund this year to cover our core costs (including part time staffing costs) for the next 3 years, this grant does not cover the direct costs of running our services, the additional support we offer on a day-to-day basis, the development of our services and increasing the reach of our support to more people within our community.  The core costs that are funded by this grant give us an opportunity to grow MAYFACS by ensuring the base level of funding required to keep MAYFACS going is secure for 3 years, but after these 3 years we will still require further funding and finances to cover these core costs alone.  It is vital not only to grow our charity and support, but to also develop and build our long-term strategy and funding security.  Without this funding, MAYFACS wouldn’t be able to support our community as it does now.


So, if you can spare anything this Christmas and feel able to support us during these coming months, please donate through cash/cheque to our office in Mayfield, or online via our just giving page  Every penny will be gratefully received.  If you are not able to financially support us, please consider using Easyfundraising or Amazon Smile as you shop for your Christmas gifts and donate to us without it costing you a penny via or, or please consider supporting us through volunteering opportunities withing our community.


Thank you for all your support.


Lucy, Freya and Clare

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