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MAYFACS Lunch Club

The MAYFACS Lunch Club provides an opportunity to engage in gentle exercise: a small walk around the field, table tennis or maybe quizzes and cards, whilst enjoying a light lunch.  It is a chance for those who live within the close knit communities of Five Ashes and Mayfield to engage with each other and share experiences all within the lovely Five Ashes Village Hall.


First Friday of every month

12.30 - 2pm


Here's what people are saying about it...

'I've had really good fun today' Janet

'This soup is delicious! I haven't tasted black bean soup before' Various

'My parents have been going recently and thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks v much for organising it and for transporting them there and back'      Caroline 

We welcome your suggestions of new MAYFACS activities. Please do let us know if you have any ideas you want to put forward.

If you would like to attend, but need help with transport, please get in touch with Shirley,

(details below or use the link to our community transport page).

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